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21 X 2001 - 17:55 - ego...1


Inspired by both Spanketeer and borogoves, I've decided to start an entry devoted to, well, self-description, I guess. I'll start out with some basic things, but I'm really rather bad with these sorts of things, so it would be nice if you could suggest some topics (well, maybe it's not that I'm bad with these... maybe it's that I'm lazy...) through email. The link is at the left of the screen. If you can't use the link because your browser is wonky, use oddcellist@diaryland.com. For those of you still reading, yes, I'm boring, and maybe I'm trying to stall. *shrugs* If you're still reading, maybe I feel sorry for you. By the way: you can go here to find out a little more about how I look.

  • birthday: 10 September

  • location: San Francisco

  • occupation: high school student

  • hair: short, coarse, stiff, and black

  • eyes: dark liquid brown

  • glasses: yes, since I was five

  • contacts: i have a pair somewhere, but they're extra-big to correct my astigmatism and i've never worn them before, so i can't bear to put them in

  • languages i can have simple conversations in: english, mandarin chinese

  • languages i can read given enough time: english, latin

  • languages i would like to learn

  • number of US states visited: 15 (with 4 more if you include states-in-passing = states we drove through or airports i've had layovers at)

  • number of dead fish behind me: 7

  • number of musical instruments played: 2 (and in theory 3)

  • favorite color: prussian blue

  • favorite fish: catfish

  • favorite drink: barley tea

  • favorite bookstore: A Clean Well-Lighted Place For Books

  • favorite used bookstore: Green Apple Books

  • bookstore I align my prayers with: Powell's (Portland, OR)

  • favorite pizza: viccolo (cornmeal crust) or mozzarella di buffala (if i don't mind the salt)

  • composers i like: long list which includes benjamin britten, dmitri shostakovich, johannes brahms, antonin dvorak, j. s. bach...

  • religion: a paraphrase of something a friend said to me once goes, "you've got faith and guilt, but I'm not sure you have much else." the catholic and anglican churches interest me.

  • height: 5' 2" (a full foot shorter than spank)

  • some of the things I don't do: smoke, take drugs, listen to kenny g

  • in the words of people who know me or have been reading: 1) [paraphrased from a pesky email-profile] "one of your favorite things to do... mock people? practice? jump up and down like a cute little elf? read morbid works of poetry? you're funny, in a horrible sort of way. you're shy at heart but you certainly have a sharp tongue." there's more to come, but it all depends on you-all...

  • likes: again according to a friend, "big sexy vampires." maybe i'll elaborate later.

That's all for tonight, folks.

riding at the end of that: she comes home tonight and i still have to do all of my homework. arrgh. but i changed the colors of some things, like my guestbook and my older entries page. oh, and raych? thanks for talking to me last night.

strigilis, strigilis f. an instrument [=tool] with a curved and channelled blade for scraping oil, etc. from the skin.






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