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01 X 2003 - 14:40 - alchera mortuast


The reason I thought I was coming back? is dead, officially, although there isn't an announcement up on the site yet. The founder of Alchera doesn't want to moderate it any more and is offering it to whoever wants to take it up -- I would, except for 1) time issues and 2) my inability to come up with prompts that I think other people would be excited about responding to.

It's a pity, really; I enjoyed doing almost every one of those prompts, and it lasted for a good while, too -- more than a year, certainly. But with Alchera's passage (and how long has it been since I wrote for Ampersand?), the last of the ties keeping me writing here is gone. So I don't know what I'll be doing -- certainly I'll want to finish out a few more months, as I paid for them around the time of the big appeal.

I like my friends here. In fact, a good many of my friends on the other service came from here originally. But -- I don't know. If I were older, I'd give a speech now about my profligate youth. As that's a little ridiculous coming from me, I'll just say I'm moving over for now.

But don't think that means I won't be back for visits. And I offer no promises for what happens in January, either. Or even sooner -- I have been terrible about staying away in the past.






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